Back On Track

Getting your priorities straight so you can feel like yourself again!

Hey you!

imagine this

You're not distracted by things that aren’t fulfilling or building you up anymore. 



You have solid time management because you are honoring your yes & no. 



You are fully participating in daily activities because you're clear & confident in your priorities.



You’re feeling so good at the end of the day and can actually relax to get a good night's rest. 



You feel connected to a community through all the change & hard times. 



You no longer doubt or fear your future because you know without a doubt you’re capable of creating the life you want! 


Meet your coach

What’s up!


I’m Amanda, your snowboard instructor/raft guide who became a life coach because helping people go from afraid to confident and taking action is my superpower.

I see where you're at
right now:

You used to have routines you loved but they fell off and you can’t get them going again. 


All your attention and energy is focused on 1 or 2 areas of your life while all the other areas are neglected. 


You feel overwhelmed and like you have to do this all on your own. 


You struggle to balance all your commitments which makes you feel exhausted.


You feel like your life is a mess and you don’t want to bring others down with your “problems”.


You know something isn’t working or feeding into your future but you stick with it anyway.

You change the topic or laugh when people ask questions about your future. 

This is exactly why I created

Back On Track!
So you can get your priorities straight & feel like yourself again!

During the 6 weeks, you’re going to learn, get clear, boost your confidence and support each other so you can feel really frickin’ good about yourself.
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I created this program so you can:


  • Dream really big in a safe and supportive space.

  • Have a strong sense of self. This means trusting yourself, loving yourself, and supporting yourself so you can relax in satisfaction.

  • Be a part of a community where you’re not alone and feel safe to be yourself through hard times & change.

  • Understand how your brain works and how it's designed to keep you safe, which can stunt your growth if you're not aware!

  • Get to the bottom of what is really holding you back (hint, it's probably you) and how to safely shift. 

  • Clear all the mental and physical clutter in yo life! 

  • Set up routines & time management so you can easily prioritize your days.

  • Get crystal clear on why it’s important for you to follow through.

  • Revise what success & failure really mean to you.

6 modules include:

How it works:

6 recorded video modules sent out on Mondays. These are interactive and include journal questions and gentle coaching. 

6 Live coaching calls for live support & coaching. 60 minutes each. 

Action steps to take each week including, worksheets and tasks designed to get you back on track & organized.

A private Facebook group community so we can all be connected & supported daily. (yay!)


A discounted rate for my Clarity & Confidence Boost 90 Minute intensive. One-time use.

This is perfect if you’re:

  • Life is feeling like a mess & you’re losing touch with yourself.

  • Ready to get organized and have your priorities straight.

  • Ready to trust yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself so you can bring your most desirable (and maybe undiscovered!) dreams to reality. 

  • Feeling like you have to do this all on your own and want solid & safe support.

  • Afraid but ready to show up anyway.

  • Ready to put your needs on the top of the list. (It’s time to fill your cup up so it can overflow into all areas of your life!)

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a glimpse of what it can be like...

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let's do this!

back on track
so you can feel like yourself again. 

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