All areas of your life can coexsist.

Authentic Alignment was founded on the belief that all areas of your life can coexist and you can thrive in your own authentic way. 

I break life up into 12 main pieces. From there we analyze, together, which areas are most out of balance in your life. Think of it like a wheel with 12 points. When all areas of your life are in balance, your wheel rolls smoothly and generates momentum with ease. It’s easier to achieve from here but if one or more of the points are less than the others your wheel isn’t going to roll smoothly. Instead, it is going to aggressively push through the weak points lacking momentum and use up a lot of energy. This might work for a short amount of time but after a while, it may get damaged or in the worse case break.

Can you relate to this wheel of life? When life isn’t balanced and you have a lot at stake, like your career, family, relationships, and more, it bogs you down, increases your stress, and lowers your productivity. You aren’t showing up as your best self which becomes a vicious cycle. 

This is where I come in. 

​My name is Amanda and I specialize in helping clients embrace change without guilt or judgment so they can live a more balanced life. I dive deep into what is truly holding you back, confusing you, or in your way so we can start from the ground up. In order to get the result you are looking for, you will have to look at all areas of your life. 

​My coaching system is as unique as my clients. I refer to it as the "no cookie-cutter" method because I know that in order to get you the best results I need to be able to meet you right where you are, every single session. If I had the same sessions with everyone some would succeed and others wouldn’t. With my 4-week and 90-day programs, your results are guaranteed through my “no cookie-cutter” coaching method. 

I know that you have big ambitions for your life and we all know the reality of living through a pandemic has been challenging. I am here to tell you it’s okay to ask for help and I am here to help you.  


I know there is only so much time in a day and I have no doubt you are busy but I'll ask you this: What are you missing out on by not taking action toward balancing all areas of your life? 

I am going to host a short 20-minute group zoom call to answer questions for those who know they are ready as well as those who need some questions answered.

Click the “Start Here” button below and fill out the contact & questions form. I will then email you the zoom link and we will go from there.

I look forward to working together on creating more balance and productivity in all areas of your life.


If not now, then when?